Drain Installation

Having a well-maintained landscape is a lot about ensuring that all the aspects are in place and functioning well. A garden or a yard is much more than just plantings and lawn. It includes some features that aren't easily visible and thus they get overlooked when property owners are planning their landscaping.


Irrigation and drainage are the two crucial factors without which it is not possible for any landscape to survive. Just as it needs proper irrigation installations, excess of water can do the roots of the planting as well as the hardscaping, a lot of harm. The one way to ensure that your landscape stays healthy is to install a suitable drainage system. We at Greenscape have handled a significant number of projects for customers in and around Fort Worth and Crowley.

Types of Drainage Projects

DrainageWe are the landscaping professionals who have deep knowledge about horticulture and soil conditions. Since we are local to the area, we also have firsthand knowledge about the kind of climate that prevails in the region West of I-35W.

With the strong base of this knowledge and our experience, we create drainage plans that match the requirements of your specific landscaping. We know that when you have a well planned water drainage system; it can prevent issues such as flooding. The thing to keep in view is that this job isn't one that can be handled by a novice. It requires expert knowledge, skills and equipment and we at Greenscape have all of these.

Drain Installation- Aspects We Keep In View

DrainageWhen we are installing landscape drains, we keep a number of different factors in view:
  • Source of Excess Water - The first step is to determine the source of the excess water. The objective is to ensure that the excess water gets directed into the drains, not just during the rains, but even in case excessive watering has taken place. This helps keep the water away from the buildings and the plant and prevents rot; in addition, it helps maintain the integrity of the hardscaping.
  • Placement - It's important to plan the drainage system well. We study the source of the excess water and the slope of the land and design a system that fits in perfectly with it and functions well.

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