Lawn maintenance & Mowing

Today, most properties in and around Fort Worth and have lawns on them. While you may see only a handkerchief sized turf on some properties, others have large expanses of green lawns. Regardless of the size of the lawn installations on your property, the only way you can be assured that they will remain healthy and green is to see they are maintained well. This means they have to be watered, mowed, fertilized and weeded on a regular basis.

Lawn maintenance & Mowing

In many instances, this is not something you would not want to manage yourself and it is best to hire the services of a company which will be able to handle lawn maintenance for you. Greenscape has been in this business for over 30 years, and we know that a landscape can stay healthy only if it is well maintained and our lawn maintenance plans are perfect for residential homeowners and commercial property owners.

Lawn Care Packages

We also understand that each of our customers will have some specific needs, and so the solutions we provide are always customized to your needs. While we do have some standard packages, we are more than happy to create lawn maintenance plans that match your needs to.

Lawn maintenance & Mowing

  • Mowing - Regular mowing helps maintain the health of the turf. We mow the grass at the right height for the time of year and the clippings in the grass as which provides the soil with organic nutrition.
  • Edging - We use lawn mowers to mow turf covered areas, but string trimmers are used to edge pathways and walkways.
  • Fertilizing - We use fertilizers on the lawn.

Lawn Maintenance - Custom Solutions

Lawn maintenance & MowingWith the vast experience we have in this area, we know exactly how to tend to different types of grasses and we always keep the climatic and soil conditions in view while crafting lawn maintenance plan for you. While doing this we also keep in view aspects like the layout of the land, the size of the turf installation, type of grass and the type of irrigation system you have on your property and how your property is used.

To know more about our expert and specialized lawn care services solutions, check the different pages on our website, or simply speak with the landscaping professionals at Greenscape by calling 817-292-2519.

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